“WARNING: Abandon Everything You Have Ever Learned About Acne”

Former Acne Sufferer Finally Discovers There’s Nothing Secret About Acne And Reveals The Common Sense Answers Staring Everyone In The Face…

Hi, my name is Felix and I want you to know that I’ve been in the same exact position you’re in right now. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on new creams hoping they would finally give me the clear skin that I wanted. I kept using products for months on end hoping they would finally start working. And where did it get me?

Nowhere. I woke up every morning to new pimples. Even worse was my skin always seemed to get worse after using all those creams and gels. My acne would always come back with a vengeance. Many days I would tell my friends I was to busy to go out with them, but the truth was I was so embarrassed and depressed that I just couldn’t stand being seen in public. Acne was ruining my life.

So I began searching everywhere for a permanent solution. I was sick of all the pimples I saw in the mirror every day. What I found absolutely shocked me.

Did you know that the most conclusive study in America about acne was in 1971? Did you know that it lasted for only 1 week? Since then, there have never been any studies conducted about acne. Most dermatologists constantly say there is no cure, but how can they claim that when they haven’t reexamined the evidence in almost 40 years? How can they claim that when a few of their colleagues have decided to think outside of the box and have cured their patients?

Furthermore, how can they claim that when people, normal people just like you and me, are permanently clearing themselves every single day. Read that last sentence again! People are permanently curing their acne problems and are getting completely clear skin! Just imagine:

  • No More Drugs
  • No More Chemicals
  • Saving Hundreds Of Dollars Every Year
  • And Most Importantly – No More Acne…Ever!

I’ve read several guides to curing acne once and for all through natural means and I honestly, truly think that Mike Walden’s Acne No More is flat out the most powerful and comprehensive guide to getting permanently clear skin. The reason? Mike’s course was the first one I bought when I became desperate about getting rid of my acne and by following along with it, I finally cured myself. Since then I’ve read and reviewed several acne books on the market but honestly, none of them are as in depth, comprehensive and as well researched as Mike’s book. It really is the ultimate and final answer when it comes to curing your acne. There are no gimmicks or tricks, just  proven research and cold, hard facts.

What’s even more is that Mike is constantly updating his book with new research all of the time and he’s even added video’s to his course. I really can’t say enough good things about Mike because he showed me that acne wasn’t something that I “just had to deal with.” He showed me how to get permanently clear skin for life.

And he can do the same thing for you. If you take nothing else from my message, then please just know that acne isn’t something that you have to put up with forever. You can get permanently clear skin if you treat the real causes of your acne. Gels and creams will never, ever work because they don’t deal with these real problems.

Thank you for very much for your time and good luck!

Felix Schmieder

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